Bing's Double Cashback for Clunkers Prematurely Ends

By Tinuiti Team

What do you do when your promotion runs more wildly popular than you could ever have hoped for?

You end it of course.

Scheduled to run until the end of the month, Bing’s double Cashback program in which Microsoft matched the percentage that merchants were giving back to consumers, has ended a few days early due to them hitting a cap of how much they paying out to consumers.

“Due to an overwhelming, positive response from our Bing cashback shoppers, we’ve now closed our limited time back-to-school promotion where Microsoft increased the percentage of cashback rewards on behalf of retailers.”

Previously they had asked merchants to lower the % they were giving back, citing “it was in shoppers’ best interest to adjust the percentage of a few retailers to allow more customers to take advantage of double cashback”, but the ending of the program confirms our suspicions that Microsoft was simply taking the frugal (not to be confused with Froogle) approach this time around–something they’re generally not known for.

Lest they believe of course that ending the program earlier would again allow more customers to take advantage of the non-existent program.

Still, it’s been a wildly successful promotion for Microsoft and merchants alike, as many have seen sales go through the roof due to savvy consumers finding great deals on products.

Now if only the federal government can follow suit with automobiles.

Just a thought.

Source: TechCrunchk for you.

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