How to Block Mobile App Traffic from the Google Display Network

By Tinuiti Team

AdWords advertisers have noticed Google Display Network mobile app traffic has been notably high this month- a trend which leads to higher GDN costs  and potentially some trouble for PPC advertisers with tight budgets.

Remove Crummy GDN Traffic Sourced From Mobile Apps

If you have a limited or strict budget but you also want to advertise on mobile, there’s a good chance a significant portion of your budget is getting sucked into these mobile app placements. Initial results for our retail clients show that this traffic converts very poorly. This puts a increased emphasis on the evaluation of these placements and potentially one-by-one exclusion.

To exclude all of those placements in one fell swoop, consider the method outlined below.

Block Mobile Apps on Google Display Network

Goal: Completely exclude mobile apps from hosting your ads on the Google Display Network. To block mobile apps on the Google Display network follow the steps below.

1) Click on your desired campaign

2) Navigate to the Display Network tab: Mobile-PPC-apps   3) Select “Site category options” from the “Campaign Exclusions” dropdown: Mobile-PPC-apps1 4) Choose “GMob mobile app non-interstitial” under the “Experimental” Section:


5) Save your changes to complete

And you’ve added  a site category level exclusion to mitigate GDN traffic and spend on AdWords. 

Rather than turning off mobile traffic altogether, I wanted to just block mobile apps. I did not know how to accomplish this, but I found the below article which talks about a couple of ways to do this.

If you are running a Display campaign, especially one you’ve built recently, I’d check this out to make sure you aren’t overspending there.


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