Bold Predictions: What’s Next for SEO in 2014

By Tinuiti Team

There’s no doubt that 2013 has been filled with plenty of SEO game changers. From Hummingbird to Penguin updates, SEOs have been on their toes throughout the past year. What can we expect for SEO in 2014? To start, build your strategy upon the recent SEO updates from 2013. Link quality and quality content are definitely not going away. In addition, shifting your focus towards providing a great user experience will help guide your efforts. While there’s no way to predict the SEO future, we can certainly do our best to share our enlightened prophecies.

Top Predictions for SEO in 2014

Content Marketing Gets (Even) Smarter
One thing that for sure matter for SEO in 2014 is that content. Creating an effective content strategy will only help grow your SEO efforts for the upcoming year. Regular content that is fresh and shared with social signals can grow your authority. Google has shown its value of content with in-depth article section and Google Authorship. Likewise, meaningful content that is relevant to your users will keep your site focused, as you learn to look past the new era of “Not Provided” and into the future.

Social Media SEO Grows Up
In the beginning the “Likes”, “Retweets,” and “Plus Ones” used to be all fun and games. Today, social media greatly impacts your SEO efforts. From Instagram to Pinterest, all areas of social media matter to the engines. Likewise, in 2014, social media will continue to grow up. SEOs should make sure they are active on social media networks that are relevant to their industry, and most importantly, taking it seriously.

Calling All Mobile SEOs
Many are calling 2014 the year of mobile search. With more than 6.8 billion mobile devices out in the wild, Google expects mobile search to soon surpass desktop searches. Likewise, your mobile site performance already affects your SEO rankings. If you don’t already have an optimized mobile site, creating one should be your number one priority for the upcoming year.

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