Boost SEM Performance with This 5-Minute Feature Only Available in Google AdWords BETA

By Tinuiti Team

Just when you thought you had mastered Google’s AdWords interface, BETA was released. While it’s always a short-term struggle to familiarize oneself with a brand new user interface, Google is enticing you with features only available to those making the switch. This blog is for digital marketers who’ve been steadily navigating back to the “old” AdWords and hesitant to take the plunge. We’re highlighting Promotion Extensions, a 5-minute favorite, and one of the many new and time-saving features at your fingertips in Google AdWords BETA.

Promotion extensions focus on helping you to accentuate your Paid Search ads, through price-sensitivity tactics and embedded icons. This type of extension allows marketers to explicitly highlight monetary promotions directly under a Paid Search ad, by drawing attention to either a percentage discount or single-value price-reduction. Retailers are well aware of how price-sensitive consumers are nowadays, so this is a great way to catch the eye of deal-seekers without updating your main ad copy for every site sale.

This feature is a particularly strong solution for eCommerce companies who manage constantly-changing promotions, have a large catalog, or need to liquidate the previous season’s inventory – critical to the bottom line.  Digital marketing teams managing an expansive catalog often need to keep their sales and promotions up-to-date, sometimes daily and hourly; promotion extensions are the perfect fit for this challenging element of Paid Search management.

Take Advantage Now

Some digital marketing teams will be somewhat hesitant to get started with the new user interface, but don’t let that slow you down. The benefits of getting well-acquainted with the new interface override the annoyance of a short-term learning curve:

What Do These Extensions Look Like? 

These extensions appear either above or below your expanded text ad and are frequently accompanied by a small coupon tag icon. It’s your choice to either highlight the extension using a white box with grey borders, or have it appear as one seamless ad copy addition without visible borders.  



Get involved with promotion extensions and make them part of your routine. Leveraging this feature will save you time, expand your ad real estate, and help you keep your audience’s attention, particularly those consumers taking advantage of those time-sensitive promos!

For further insight into how you can make small but substantive changes to your ads, please read Google Testing Expanded Text Headlines for Ads.

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