Do Branded AdWords Campaigns Hurt Your Online Branding?

By Tinuiti Team

Branded & Trademark AdWords Campaigns are an effective way to increase and measure brand awareness on Google.

Despite branding benefits, online retailers often fear Branded AdWords Campaigns implications on search SEO, Ad cost and branding.


3 Common Objections to Branding & Trademark Campaigns

How do branding Campaigns really affect your brand presence on search? Watch the video with CPC Stategy’s Paid Search Director David Weichel for an overview of  the affects of Branded Campaigns on your brand, and how you can mitigate any negative branding impact on search with Trademark Campaigns.


Branded Campaigns and Branding Image Control

A major concern for PPC marketers and Branded Campaigns is the potential for brand dilution on search. In actuality, the opposite of this is the truth. Your brand presence on organic search is entirely determined by Google’s search algorithm, what they deem is relevant. PPC Branded Campaigns allow marketers to tailor their brand presence on PPC ads, and test the branding messaging for

Bid for Brand Modifiers

For more search presence, Branded Campaigns are a great way to engage customers who are higher up the sales funnel. For example, PPC marketers might bid for terms similar to your brand, (e.g. reviews) to get access to page real estate.

Stay tuned for a deep dive into 3 of the major reasons PPC marketers are afraid of Branded PPC Campaigns:

1. Branded AdWords Campaigns and New Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
2. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Negative SEO Impact
3. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Brand Dilution

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