Do Branded Trademark Campaigns Hurt Your Cost Per Acquisition?

By Tinuiti Team

Branded AdWords Campaigns are a valuable tool for PPC marketers to increase online sales. However, advertisers often avoid Branded Camapaigns due to concerns about impact on their SEO, Ad Spend and branding efforts.

Branded  Trademark Campaigns have proven impact for higher brand awareness ROI, and conversions, yet fewer PPC marketers utilize Branded Campaigns. Below we discuss the implications of Branded Campaigns and marketers hesitations to run Branded ads on Google & Bing.

Watch the video below with Paid Search Director David Weichel to learn about the implications of Branded Campaigns on AdWords for PPC marketers, and how those ads impact ad spend and Cost Per Acquisition for paid ads.

Branded Trademark Campaigns and New Lead Cost


Branded Campaigns and  New Customer value vs. Return Visitors

Branded PPC Campaigns are geared towards return visitor traffic, as they target searchers who are looking for a specific brand.  Branded ads lead to more return visitor clicks than new visitors, which engenders questions of lower new leads for PPC marketers.

However, return visitors are arguabley more valueable than new visitors, as they generate higher conversion rates & more order volume overall. Branded visibility costs are geared towards customers who are more likely to purchase, and more likely to purchase more.

Branded Campaigns and CPC Cost

Branded Campaigns have low cost per click (CPC) rates on Bing & AdWords. PPC marketers are paying for branded ads (vs. organic traffic),but they are leveraging low prices to garner attention from highly qualified leads.


Stay tuned for a deep dive into 3 of the major reasons PPC marketers are afraid of Branded PPC Campaigns:

1. Branded AdWords Campaigns and New Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
2. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Negative SEO Impact
3. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Brand Dilution

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