Do Branded Trademark Campaigns Hurt Your SEO?

By Tinuiti Team

Branded AdWords campaigns are frequently a source of fear for PPC marketers, despite the opportunity for higher ROI, and more search impressions.

One major concern PPC advertisers have with Branded Campaigns is their impact on search and SEO. AdWords branded PPC campaigns

Check out the video below to determine whether Trademark Campaigns on AdWords are right for your online store.

3 Common Objections to Branding & Trademark Campaigns

Below CPC Stategy’s Paid Search Director David Weichel discusses AdWords Trademark Campaigns fears, and how PPC marketers should address them:



Marketers fear they will lose organic traffic with Branded Campaigns, but often the inverse of this is the truth. Here are 3 reasons PPC Marketers fear Branded Trademark Campaigsn  SEO:

Branded Campaigns and Diminishing Clickthrough Rate

PPC marketers know that clicks decrease significantly as searchers scroll down SERPs. Top of the page results are more likely to get impressions, clickthrough and conversions. Branded Campaigns allot more SERP  space at the top of the page for your brand, pushing competitors below the fold, and giving you the first and second spot in search.

Branded Campaigns and Mobile Adoption

Mobile search is a big part of online shopping behavior. Branded PPC Campaigns with mobile preferred ads position advertisers at the forefront of mobile search, and provide highly customizable tools for mobile ads.

Branded Campaigns and Net Impact

One of the biggest fears for Branded Campaigns SEO impact is the potential drop in organic search traffic. Although this is something we do see with Branded Campaigns, paid traffic growth replaces organic traffic decreases. Organic traffic may lessen, but this translates to a net growth of your qualified leads.

Stay tuned for a deep dive into 3 of the major reasons PPC marketers are afraid of Branded PPC Campaigns:

1. Branded AdWords Campaigns and New Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
2. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Negative SEO Impact
3. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Brand Dilution

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