Why Does Your Company Deserve the Search Innovation/Shopping Innovation Award?

By Tinuiti Team

We believe in fostering a true meritocracy in our organization. At Elite SEM, we put people first, which flips the tables on the traditional agency model and values both our talent and our customers. Our workers receive compensation and bonuses for consistent performance and excellent customer service.

A Team of Business Owners

At Elite SEM, we reject the concept of a hierarchical approach to business. Instead, we encourage an entrepreneurial culture in which each of our employees has skin in the game. Not only do they help drive our bottom line, but they benefit financially from Elite SEM's continued success.

However, it's not just financial. Our intrepreneurship policy allows our employees maximum flexibility. They set their own schedules, manage their time, and develop their own approaches to customer satisfaction. This entrepreneurial model breaks down the typical business structure and creates an environment that fosters innovation.

Our Director of Human Resources, Jennifer Garrison, says, "One of the biggest things that I think attracts and retains employees is our [ability to] flip the agency model…and give employees control over their own destiny."

Many businesses in our industry try to create an entrepreneurial structure, but we believe in a true meritocracy. In other words, every team member shares in the profits and possesses responsibility for his or her own efforts on behalf of the company. In our experience, intrapreneurship serves as a valuable motivator and helps foster trust and transparency within our organization. These qualities are then reflected back to the customer.

A Focus on Early Adoption and Betas

We know from our experience with search and shopping innovation that testing is the most efficient way to figure out what works and what doesn't. We follow that policy inside and out, from our management style to our customer service principles.

We've had great success with beta extensions. For instance, we partnered with Terminix to boost the organization's CTR with a customer communication beta that allows customers to speak with company representatives via text. Our firm has successfully leveraged Google as well as Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines to adopt betas early and roll them out for our customers.

An Ability to Lead

Our leadership capacity continues to grow, and that's why we've developed a 94 percent client retention rate. Our clients know that they can expect stellar results as well as constant communication and reliable consistency. They've learned that our Account Managers and Team Leads know this business inside and out, and can therefore lead them through any problem or obstacle they might encounter.

Additionally, we publish content on new search and shopping strategies regularly, and focus on educating our clients so they can make smart decisions as the invest their money in marketing and advertising with us. Our unprecedented rate of growth combined with our ability to reliably improve quantifiable metrics has fueled our relationship with our clients.

At Elite SEM, we're not afraid to challenge the status quo or take on new technology. We're thorough and grounded, but we believe that innovation and change can serve as catalysts for our clients' continued success in the search and shopping space. As our tagline states, we're performance driven, and we don't rest until our clients see those results.

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