How Does Your Company's Use of Technology Drive Your Success in Search Advertising?

By Tinuiti Team

At Elite SEM, we pride ourselves on technology agnosticism. We don't pledge our allegiance to once piece of software or one program; instead, we choose a technology based on its ability to help our clients reach their goals. Because of this approach, we gain experience with a vast array of technology solutions, which means that we have multiple options when a client wants to pursue search advertising.

The Right Program for the Right Client

When they meet with clients, our account managers use their knowledge of technology solutions to ask probing questions. This process allows AMs to drill down on a client's specific needs and to align those needs with software or processes that will help them achieve their goals. Since we're technology agnostic, we don't feel the need to "sell" our clients on a piece of software. Instead, we're focused on building solutions that actually produce the desired results.

A Culture of Camaraderie

We never encourage our employees to work by themselves, for themselves. Instead, we have created a culture of camaraderie in which staff members help one another succeed. Since we're technology agnostic, we can't necessarily expect every member of our team to know every piece of technology backward and forward. Consequently, when one team member needs help, another sets aside his or her latest task to lend a hand.

This collaborative culture creates the perfect foundation for excellent customer relationships. Since our employees are used to teamwork, they view our clients as their partners, working together toward a common goal. Our search advertising clients need customized solutions that help boost ROI and expand brand awareness, so we view that process as a team effort, from staff to customers to technology.

Staff and Client Education

We're committed to expanding our team's knowledge and to educating our clients so they can make informed choices. We hold regular office hours and Lunch & Learns so our clients feel connected to the work we do for them. Instead of using technology as a crutch, we view it as just one tool in our arsenal, and we know that the brains behind the technology power effective search advertising campaigns.

Ultimately, however, it's our diversity that makes us stronger. Since we use all types of technology, we're not bound by brand or a single process. In turn, our clients experience the wide range of options we can offer them.

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