Bing has recently launched their anti-Google campaign which they dubbed Scroogled.  The campaign badgers Google for their recent switch to a paid model, where online merchants have to pay Google to feature their listings on the Shopping site. In short, Bing argues that consumers using the Google search engine are unknowingly getting paid ads in place of desired search results, thus worsening the accuracy of results and the overall customer experience.  Furthermore, Bing then proclaims that they’re the sole provider of genuine search results.

The underlying theme in this whole Scroogled fiasco is hypocrisy.  The same points that Bing tries to turn against Google, namely their switch to a paid model and the following lack of disclosure to customers about paid listings, are those that make Bing equally as guilty and hypocritical.  Check out this comprehensive article on the whole Scroogled campaign.

Amazon’s New Wine Store

Still in its Beta stage, Amazon Wine has recently launched, providing a rather comprehensive and graphic-oriented database for wine enthusiasts.  Clicking on  a wine page features photos of the bottle, close-ups of the label, as well as the winemaker’s tasting notes.

This is actually not Amazon’s first attempt at selling wine online, having miserably failed twice before with investments in WineShopper and New Vine Logistics.

Nextag’s New Merchant Sign-Up Process

In the past, when a merchant signed up for an account and completed all the relevant and necessary steps to complete the sign-up, the account would automatically go live.  Now, however, merchants need to contact Seller Support and agencies need to contact a Nextag account manager in order to set up the import task (send in the data feed).

Only through deliberately contacting Nextag can a merchant’s data feed be evaluated, approved, and ultimately become live.

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