Comparison Shopping Overhauls for ‘09

By Tinuiti Team
While a good majority of Americans resolute to lose some extra weight during the new year, a couple of shopping engines have recently been packing on a little some extra.

A few months ago began allowing merchants to submit new header columns into their feeds, which we thought was a great way to allow customers to narrow down what they’re looking for–and it appears they’re beginning to take advantage of this feature.

Currently the feature appears to only be available for shoe shoppers, as users browsing for shoes can now sort through popular brands by size as well as color. This is similar to’s interface except Like uses a proprietary system that uses image recognition for sorting, whereas relies on the attributes that merchants send them.

This is a great addition for both consumers as it provides a better overall shopping experience in looking for exactly what they want, as well as for merchants to be more specific about their offerings.

Also revamping their look is They have a much sleeker design with bigger fonts and a neat widget on their front page that rotates images of some of their more popular items around.

They also appear to be further jumping on the social media wagon by promoting their blog on their front page, which doesn’t only discuss the retail industry, but operates more like a magazine column–which provides plenty of incentive for users to want to come back to their site.

Imagine that, operating a blog to promote your business, what else will they think of

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