Content Marketing: Why Advertisers Should Invest In Themselves

By Tinuiti Team

Are you a publisher with tons of content and an active blog? If so, content marketing is a must for you! Content marketing is a method in which an advertiser provides relevant and steady content to users in order to meet their marketing objective. Some examples of those objectives may be web traffic, or even email signups to build your user list. Depending on the content network provider you partner with, your articles may appear across various big traffic websites. Among those are CNN, NBC, Business Insider, and Time Inc.


There are several vendors that specialize in content marketing in the online marketing space. Among those are Outbrain, Taboola, and ZergNet. Outbrain is the leader in the space.


Outbrain partners with sites such as CNN, ESPN, and People. Advertisers can see their articles placed on these sites when users are browsing content on the previously mentioned sites. Advertisers can target desktop and/or mobile devices. In an article on CNN discussing Porsche’s plans to make an electric car to challenge Tesla, you can find Outbrain sponsored content all throughout the page. Typically the content is below the fold, but the content is easily identifiable.


Content marketing is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site by promoting the content you produce. It provides tons of impressions and clicks at a fairly low cost per click. Use it to promote your blog, increase traffic, and get your brand in front of many on premium news sites. It can be as simple as a post to share an update about industry news or a slideshow embedded within content to increase engagement and time on site.

Outbrain: Sponsored Content


Outbrain and other content marketing providers work with publishers to place ads (sponsored content) on site. Advertisers then pay to place their content in these ad slots. Generally the CPC (cost-per-click) is low, with very high impression totals. If an advertiser is looking to generate a high amount of site traffic, in a short timeframe, this can be a viable option. You can even use Outbrain to capture user emails in an acquisition campaign. Outbrain has the ability to optimize your campaign to show content more likely to generate conversions. Also, an advertiser can add additional headlines to generate additional traffic. The additional headlines come in handy especially with an acquisition campaign. Advertisers can determine what language is working best in terms of driving signups.

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