How To Build A Customer Acquisition Strategy, From Rocket Dog

By Tinuiti Team

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Without a doubt, customer acquisition is top of mind for many marketers as they head into 2016. It’s important for retailers to understand how to attribute their media levers to customer acquisition and how to push customers through the funnel with increased frequency.

Rocket Dog, a shoe brand founded in 1997 in Santa Monica, now with offices in LA, San Francisco, New York, and large scale productions in Europe, has been widely successful in their ability to persuade consumers to purchase their products.

Throughout their rapid global expansion, the company has managed to keep their California-based DNA & brand identity intact. Today, their funky but functional approach to shoe wear resonates with customers across the world.

rocket-dogBuilding off of their success in the US market, Rocket Dog began overseas expansion several years ago.

Today, more than one-third of it’s total business is international. Beyond their customer base in the United States, Rocket Dog’s brand is flourishing in London, Spain and Germany. As they look to the new year,  they plan to expand even deeper into Italy, Scandinavia and Greece.

Aside from their successful investment in an all inclusive global shopping platform, Deborah Katz, Director of Digital and Social Marketing at Rocket Dog shares her insight on what factors contribute to Rocket Dog’s brand loyalty and consistent customer acquisition strategy.

7 Tips on Building a Customer Acquisition Strategy

1) Content 

Branded-specific ecommerce retailers (particularly wholesalers) need to think like publishers about the content on their site in order to build value, frequency and purchase intent. Core foundational investments in personalization and creative ensure that if you have a diffuse customer base you can remain relevant and build loyalty.

The value proposition has to be clear and engaging whether it’s tons of reviews, gorgeous imagery, a phenomenal blog as well as integrated trend information, personalized relevant content, social currency, a great promo program, outstanding customers service, or, hopefully, all of those things.

2) Product

Again, branded ecommerce retailers who also distribute as wholesalers need to have a product strategy and flow that doesn’t leave them competing against their distributors and still communicates a value to shopping the branded site.

3) Price Point Challenge

The customer is savvy to price point and shops our brand competitively as well as across brands for the best deal. Building brand trust and loyalty to us is possible with a strong publishing plan and a site experience that communicates the unique value of our product vs. our competitors.

4) Social Media Strategy

This is essential in branding and driving top of the funnel customer acquisition – not just on our own channels but with partners in earned media. Finding the right partner to tell your story with you builds affinity as well as awareness.

5) Omni-Channel

As a wholesaler without brick-and-mortar locations we are always looking for different ways to have high-touch moments with our customers. Events and out of home activations are a key part of our ongoing strategy to bring the brand to new customers in ways that will delight and engage them and, again, build that trust and affinity for our brand.


6) Understanding Product Flow

This is a priority for us right now in terms of faster fashion and seasonality. Flowing product that is unique to our channel while still serving our distributors with trend-right products at scale.

7) Investments Into Remarketing

This is a key driver for us right now – building frequency. Remarketing and a publishing plan that includes content personalization when the customer lands on site are our key levers from a paid media and tech perspective in 2016 to building as we grow our customer base and CRM program.

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*Article Contributor: Nick Cotter, Marketing Coordinator at CPC Strategy

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