Ad Scheduling and Day Parting for a Successful 2015 [Video]

By Tinuiti Team

Day Parting, also referred to as ad scheduling, refers to the tactic of adjusting ad exposure for certain hours of the day and/or days of the week by modifying bids.

Lewis Brannon, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy weighs in on how to best utilize Ad Scheduling practices below:

“This practice is pretty well known, but people don’t implement Day Parting as much as they should. They know it exists but in order to do it right, it takes effort, analysis and adjusting,” Brannon said.

A common mistake is that retailers set up the schedule but don’t invest in follow-up.

“You have to analyze your entire performance – look at what time slots really stood out and where you have opportunities to expand or adjust your bids downward or even pause completely,” he said.

Typically, the follow-up compiles data from quarter to quarter, taking into consideration a variety of behavior changes including seasons and holidays.

“There is no reason you shouldn’t be doing this because it can improve the ROI of your campaign. We are here – not only to figure out how to save retailers money, but how to make more money by practicing these types of exercises.”


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