Elite SEM Google Shopping Webinar with Wiser Now Available on YouTube

By Tinuiti Team

Do you wish you had a bit of a better understanding of your data feeds and shopping campaigns?  Elite SEM has some great news for you!

As of today (right now actually!) you can go to the Elite SEM YouTube page and watch our latest hour-long webinar Top Strategies to Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns featuring our friends and partners at Wiser.

You’re probably wondering what’s in the webinar, right? Maybe you don’t have 60 minutes to devote towards watching the entire webinar right at this minute. Lucky for you, the next section of this blog post will cover the exact webinar topics with time stamps for your convenience! Click below to play the webinar and feel free to user the below topic outline with time stamps if you want to jump around topic to topic.

Part 1: Marc Weisinger, Elite SEM

  1. Understanding the changes from Product Listing Ads to Google Shopping (5:45)
    1. The what, where, and how of Google Shopping (5:45)
      1. An overview of what Google shopping is, what it looks like, and how Google Shopping Ads works.
      2. Learn more about data feeds, the Google Merchant center, and where Google Shopping results show on the search engines results page.

        Learn about data feeds and SERP display for Google Shopping.

    2. The Changes from Product Listing Ads changing to Google Shopping (7:37) AKA things that will make our lives easier as advertisers!
      1. 4 biggest differences advertisers need to know about Google Shopping (8:27)
        1. A focus on product data and the product level (8:40)
          1. Google now shares specific product data in Shopping campaigns reporting and optimization, how does that impact our optimizations?

            Google Shopping now shows specific product data.

        2. More custom labels in your data feed (10:32)
          1. Google now gives 5 custom labels to use on our feed versus the 2 we previously had with Product Listing Ad campaigns
        3. Competitive metrics in shopping campaigns (11:26)
          1. An overview of the new metrics available in the Google UI for shopping campaigns
        4. Campaign priority (12:56)
          1. An overview of a new setting available for Google Shopping Campaigns
  2. Why product data matters (14:25)
    1. A specific example of why product data matters for ecommerce advertisers (14:40)
      1. How product data gives you more control (16:08)
        1. Marc gives a really weak He-Man impression (16:17)
      2. How product data gives you more business intelligence (17:35)
      3. A snapshot and overview of getting down to the product level in the UI (18:45)

        View product-level details for Google Shopping optimizations.

  3. Feed Optimization for Shopping Campaigns (20:10)
    1. How feed determine what ads show up on shopping ads (20:25)
    2. Key attributes to optimize on your feed (22:20)
      1. Best practices on what to include and iterate on in your titles, descriptions, and custom labels on your data feed.
      2. Think like a user when adding optimizing your feed
  4. The future of future of feeds (25:38)
    1. A discussion on how feeds impact digital marketing campaigns and digital marketing experiences in the very near future (26:00)
    2. How service based industries and non-ecommerce brands will be leveraging feeds in the near future (28:35)
  5. Key Takeaways checklist (30:26)
    1. At this point in the webinar you should be thinking to yourself can I check off the following
      1. Are we leveraging the Google Shopping Enhancements?
      2. Are we optimizing down to the product level?
      3. Is our feed optimized for Google Shopping campaigns?
      4. Are there additional feeds that will be relevant to our brand?
        1. If you do not know the answer to the above questions that’s okay.
        2. Understanding and answering these questions should be your next step towards shopping success.

84% of customers cite price as
the largest influence on purchase!

Part 2: Luke Lin, Wiser

  1. Why pricing matters (31:48)
    1. I call Luke from Wiser to come on down give us an intro into the competitive landscape of ecommerce.
    2. How to deal with competitive pricing without getting into a price war (33:30)
  2. Holiday shopping snapshot for 2014 (34:40)
    1. Frequent price changes
    2. Price matching policies
    3. Free shipping offers
    4. Extending holiday promos
  3. Scenario validation (38:20)
    1. Leveraging competitive intelligence to
      1. React when your competitors run out of stock
      2. Understand inventory overlap and gap analysis
      3. Monitor and take relative pricing into account
    2. Policing your brand (40:00)
      1. How do you monitor MAP?
      2. How do you enforce MAP?
      3. How do you plan for MAP violations?
  4. Dynamic pricing the future of shopping (40:25)
    1. A shopping strategy that combines competitive data with internal sales and traffic data to price and merchandise intelligently
    2. Amazon changes their pricing 2.5 million times a day!
  5. Key takeaways (42:25)
    1. Pricing is elusive, are you changing your priced based on the hundreds of different factors?
    2. Do you have a good handle on competitive intelligence?
    3. Are you set up for dynamic pricing for the future?

Other Non-Essential Topics and Time Stamps

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