Elite SEM is Now Certified Kenshoo Pro Agency

By Tinuiti Team

Elite SEM can now announce that it has become a certified Kenshoo Search [Pro Agency]. Kenshoo Search is a software-as-a-service offering that empowers agencies with innovative tools to create, manage, & optimize search engine marketing campaigns while providing reporting & insights across all digital marketing channels as well as offline sales activity.

We’re very excited to announce Elite SEM’s Kenshoo [Pro Agency] status. Elite SEM is a firm believer in the expert only approach so we love going through partner certification processes such as these. Being certified not only sends a strong message about our expert status, but also ensures our employees know all the best practices for using such a powerful technology to best serve our clients.

The Kenshoo Search certification program enables search marketing professionals working with Kenshoo to earn certified Kenshoo Search [Pro] Credentials. With more than half of our SEM account managers successfully completing the certification program, Elite SEM has earned the distinction of being a certified Kenshoo Search [Pro Agency].

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