Elite SEM’s Marc Weisinger Stars in Google Display Webinar

By Tinuiti Team

Elite SEM is very excited about our Director of Marketing Marc Weisinger’s recent webinar with Google.

Watch it here!

On March 6, 2013, Marc joined Pamela Eng, a Product Marketer for the Google Display Network at Google NYC for the live webinar Biggest Loser: Display Ad Spend Edition.  Marc shows how you can optimize your display ad account efforts, and shares his expert tips on how to supercharge your display campaigns.

Pamela starts off the webinar with some fun facts about the Google Display Network (GDN). Pamela says that the GDN allows you to reach the widest possible audience globally.  The GDN statistics she mentions are impressive.


Some statistics to consider:

What are my key takeaways from the webinar? Marc focuses on three simple but ingenious ways to make a huge difference in your Display Network campaigns.

Three Key Webinar Takeaways

1)     Build a foundation of fitness

To start, Marc says to do the following:

a)     Leverage the Keyword Contextual Targeting and to acknowledge that negative keywords are just as important as positive keywords

b)     Structure your campaigns appropriately to set them up for success

  1. Make sure to keep text ads and display ads in separate groups

c)     Use remarketing to re-capture interested site visitors

  1. Even if you’re not ready to start remarketing, it’s a good idea to place a remarketing tag on your website as soon as possible in order to start accruing cookies for your visitors

i.     Then when you’re ready you won’t have to start from scratch!

2)    Thrive on a diet of insights

As your campaign progresses, Marc suggests to do the following:

a)     Monitor your campaign in the first few days to ensure that your campaigns are getting traffic and your ads have been approved

  1. Wait 1-2 weeks before optimizing

b)     Subtotal sites from the Placement Performance Reports, which will help you decide on where to invest for future campaigns

  1. Add high spending non converting sites that have irrelevant content to a negative exclusion list for your contextual campaigns
  2. Separate converting placements/sites into two different buckets

i.     Have a niche site bucket for sites that are so specific to your product that you can bid on them directly (as placements) without needing the contextual matching of keywords

ii.     Have a large site bucket for sites which cover a lot of content that you would NOT want to add as into a placement specific campaign because the general content on their site is too broad to not also use contextual keyword matching

3)    Build muscle to supercharge your campaigns


a)     Let auto-optimization be your “muscle” by testing:

  1. Enhanced CPC
  2. Conversion Optimizer
  3. Display Campaign Optimizer

b)     Consider more sophisticated remarketing strategies:

  1. Marc discusses tagging, cart abandonment and the importance of timing/recency in your remarketing audiences and campaigns.
  2. Set your universal remarketing tag to 500 days in order to cookie as many people as you can who have previously visited your site

i.     The subsequent audiences you will create and use will be smaller but all based on this massive list


At the end of the webinar, Pamela and Marc are joined by Google’s Beth Berger, Global Product Specialist for GDN, to answer viewer questions on everything from contextual marketing on YouTube to remarketing.

There is a lot of knowledge packed into Biggest Loser: Display Ad Spend Edition.  The webinar is easy to understand and is full of valuable information. Check out Elite SEM’s webinar Biggest Loser: Display Ad Spend Edition.

If you’re interested one of our Elite SEM experts speak at your event or participate in a webinar, please email Marc Weisinger at [email protected].

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