The End of AdWords Review Extensions & How To Save Your Data

By Tinuiti Team

In an effort to simplify the ad extension offering in AdWords, this month Review Extensions will be deleted along with their performance data.

What are AdWords Extensions?

Any experienced Paid Search specialist knows that AdWords extensions are a simple and effective way to optimize text ads.

AdWords extensions help:

There are two types of AdWords Extensions–manual (those you have to set up) and automatic (those dynamically generated).

Here are all of the Ad Extensions available:


end of adwords review extentions

What are AdWords Review Extensions?

Launched in 2013, Review Extensions typically showed up like this:

AdWords Extensions Guide Review Example

The ad extension wasn’t exactly a hit with advertisers.

Although Google reviewed every single quote and verified it with a third party review source (to ensure no fake reviews made their way into the ad) – the entire process was a bit tedious.

Why are AdWords Review Extensions Being Removed?

According to Google, Review Extensions currently show only on desktop and more traffic is moving to mobile globally.

“Beginning the week of January 15th 2018, we will no longer support review extensions, and they won’t be shown with your ads. As a result, you may see a change in your ad click-through rate, or an increase in impressions for your other ad extensions,” Christina Berry, Agency Development Manager at Google Marketing Solutions said.

“Four weeks after review extensions stop showing, your review extensions will be deleted, along with their performance data.”

How to Save Your Review Extensions Data



More Extensions To Choose From:

Our Google Team recommends adding at least three extensions to make sure you’re showcasing what makes your business unique and providing extra information to searchers.

If you’re interested in learning more information about additional ad extensions, we’ve provided a breakdown of each below including:

Adwords Seller Ratings Extensions
Adwords Sitelink Extensions
Adwords Call Extensions
Adwords App Extensions
Adwords Location Extensions
Adwords Promotion Extensions
Adwords Callout Extensions
Adwords Message Extensions
Adwords Structured Snippet Extensions
Adwords Price Extensions

For more information on ad extensions, email [email protected]

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