Google Adds Share Button to All Knowledge Graph Panels

By Tinuiti Team

Over the weekend it seems Google added share buttons to all Knowledge Graph panels. This is an interesting feature as it easily allows users to share the search results in which the Knowledge Graph panels appear. It seems Google is still in the testing phase as not everyone is seeing this feature. Here is what the feature looks like:

Social Share Button Knowledge Graph

Share SERP Page from Knowledge Graph

Where Are the Share Buttons Located?

The share button appears in the top right corner of the Knowledge Graph panel.

Knowledge Graph Share Dialogue Box and Link

When a user clicks on the share button they are given the option to share via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Email. The short link to the search result page is also provided directly in the dialogue box. Clicking on the short link 301 redirects to the search result page in which the Knowledge Graph panel appears.

Knowledge Graph Short Link Redirection

Something to note is that the short URL link changes every time a new search is conducted. The same share link is not used for different sessions.

The Knowledge Graph search result page URL is also different from a normal search result page URL. The URL includes the MID (machine-generated identifier) number which is an identification number used for entities within Click here to learn more about Freebase and MID number.

MID Number in Knowledge Graph SERP URL


Here is what a normal search result page URL looks like.

Normal Search Result Page URL


This is a great feature and definitely helpful for users to easily share Google search results. It will also help drive more referral traffic to Google. We will have to wait and see if Google makes this button a permanent feature.


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