10 Google AdWords Announcement Predictions We Hope Come True

By Tinuiti Team

Google AdWords announcement Google is hosting a livestream today on the  AdWords blog hyping a big announcement that they plan to make around AdWords  at 9am.

While Google hasn’t made it clear what AdWords changes are coming, it does note that “we will announce 10+ new AdWords products, features, and research studies that we have worked hard to develop over the past year”.

As part of its hype for the announcement, Google noted changes will involve device use, content and connecting people: 

  1. It’s no longer about devices. Consumers are constantly connected, and the average American today owns four digital devices and spends 60 hours per week consuming content across platforms.* In this multi-device world, the way people use desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones is blurring. This means people don’t think about which device they’re using, they just expect the right content to appear seamlessly wherever they are ready to engage
  2. Context matters more than ever. The ways people connect — whether that’s on a computer, a mobile website or an app — have become increasingly important in showing people the right content — and the right ads. With more insight into people’s contexts, we can make more meaningful connections and create better consumer experiences.
  3. Connecting people to content. With more consumer touchpoints than ever, it can become increasingly complex to reach people in the moments that matter. At Google we work hard to develop innovations that let technology do the hard work so that businesses can focus on reaching their customers. ” – Google

AdWords Announcement Predictions

Here are some of the features that we hope Google will announce today to improve the retail search experience for online retailers.

  • PLA deprecation & migration to new GS campaigns
  • New Adwords Insights tool based on, rising & breakout queries, etc.
  • Cross-device conversion tracking improvements
  • Showcasing new Search Funnels directly in Adwords – similar to MCF in GA.
  • More Secondary Signals
  • Offer Extensions
  • Audience Targeting
  • In-Store Conversions
  • Tablet bidding
  • Return of search data (no-results provided)

Although many people have made predictions about what Google’s AdWords announcement 10 new elements will include, its hard to tell what Google is setting the stage for, Google is as always vague and hard to gauge.
What predictions are you hoping Google will announce?

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