Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Down

By Tinuiti Team

If you logged into your Adwords account today and saw a sudden decrease in conversions, realize that it’s not just you, and your store didn’t just suddenly lose a ton of revenue over the weekend.

Twitter has been ablaze with reports that reported conversions and conversion values have been down since Friday:

@AndrewPPC @adwords My conversions are almost non-existent. Pixels look fine. WTF?

— jwholland (@jwholland) June 2, 2014

Anyone else have @Adwords conversion tracking fail over the weekend? #ppcchat

— Jason Manion (@JasonManion) June 2, 2014

Our Google reps have indeed confirmed that conversion reporting began failing at some point last Friday, and while we’re starting to see some of the conversions pick back up, there’s no word on if all the data will retroactively be added back in.

In the mean time, keep your panic levels to a minimum and hopefully you have a 3rd party tracker (such as Google Analytics) to rely on in the mean time.


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