Google AdWords Detailed Demographics Have Arrived!

By Tinuiti Team

If the search industry had its own version of a lunar calendar, 2018 would be considered The Year of Audiences. We’ve all been itching for more and more audience data from the engines for years. In conjunction with in-market audiences for search which was released by Google & Bing late last year, Google has now enabled us with demographic data beyond basic age, gender & parental status. These new targeting capabilities are only available in the new AdWords interface and should be rolled out to the public later this year. In the meantime, work with your reps to get early access!

What You Need to Know about AdWord’s Detailed Demographics

Currently the targeting demographics include:

The new target demographics will include:

Why Should Marketers Care?

We’re all facing industry-wide challenges and increasing competition. With users top of mind, marketers should utilize detailed demographics in order to further improve user experience and learn more about core customers. To achieve this, below are a few strategy considerations:

Strategy Use Cases

This new targeting feature has a variety of benefits to help marketers optimize their campaigns across a variety of industries. While implementation opportunities are limitless, some use case ideas are described below.

How to Access the Detailed Demographics

If you don’t have access, work with your reps to get you in. Once your Google rep confirms you’re in…

In summary, the more you know and understand your core audience, the better suited your campaigns are for success. Layering in these additional data points will give advertisers the opportunity to get to know their audience – who they are, what matters to them, and what’s important to them. Take your strategy to the next level through detailed demographics and propel your digital marketing strategy into a successful 2018!

Learning more about your customer can help your bottom line. Find out how Terminix learned more about their customer’s Net Present Value and how this turned into real results for them in our case study: Terminix and Elite SEM Integrate Sales Data and Paid Search To See 12% Lift In Profitability.

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