Google AdWords Update: Cross-Account Campaign Management & Reporting Enhancements

By Tinuiti Team

Enhancements for Google AdWords Manager Accounts

With hopes to save advertisers time and provide more visibility into their account performance, Google AdWords recently announced the introduction of several new enhancements including:


Google AdWords: Cross-account Campaign Management

AdWords now offers “Campaigns” within the manager account dashboard to manage and report all campaigns at scale and from a single view. The campaign-level actions (typically found within the individual account level) are now available at the manager account level.

Advertisers can add columns, apply segments and set filters to report on campaign performance for up to 20 selected accounts. There is also an option to update daily budgets an enable or pause campaigns across those accounts. New campaigns can be created for any individual account from the manager account.



Google AdWords: Powerful Reporting Tools

Advertisers no longer have to navigate to individual accounts for the most up-to-date metrics thanks to advanced reporting which allows them to select a custom date range (beyond the last 90 days) and compare it to any period. AdWords also added additional reporting columns, including conversions, and the ability to chart performance directly in the dashboard.



Two additional reporting tools include:adwords-reporting-feature



If retailers use sub-manager accounts, there’s also a new dropdown to help refine the dashboard to only show performance data across directly linked sub-manager and individual accounts, all linked sub-manager and individual accounts, or all linked individual accounts.

Google AdWords: Improved Account Navigation

Advertisers can search for or select the manager account or individual account they want to jump to by expanding the drop-down at the top of the AdWords account.


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