Google Brings AI Suggestions to Adwords Campaigns

By Tinuiti Team

Google has announced a new automated process for AdWords that will make suggestions for optimizing your ad campaigns.

The new feature uses artificial intelligence and data from your prior campaigns to make a number of optimization suggestions:



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Google’s AI-powered suggestions for ad campaigns is slated to go live on April 29th, according to Marketing Dive.


What do Google’s AI-powered Suggestions Mean For Marketers?

Google announced that AI and machine learning were going to become more important for growth a year ago. This Adwords update is part of a larger trend toward offering more AI and machine learning-based tools.

For brands and marketers, access to AI-powered suggestions has the potential to make the process of running and managing ads easier.

“Automation and machine learning are a big emphasis for Google currently and our industry as a whole. The more we as practitioners can leverage these tools, the more time we can dedicate to higher level strategy and other account growth opportunities.”

-Josh Brisco, Sr. Manager, Retail Search Operations at CPC Strategy

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Automating suggestions for headlines, ad copy, extensions, and other information will make building digital ad campaigns faster, easier, and more streamlined. This type of technology may also offer more insights into campaign performance and optimization.

“Obviously ceding control of ad copy and brand messaging has the potential to be detrimental to advertisers who want a stronger say in brand voice and/or have legal consideration to keep in mind, so I would encourage keeping a close eye on the suggestions initially to ensure the ads created are in fact on-brand and on-message.”


Google’s “AI first” Future

Google’s shift toward an “AI first” future was first announced last year when CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted the tech giant’s efforts in expanding artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities across its product ecosystem.

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With Google ramping up it’s Google Shopping and Google Assistant technology, the company appears to be upping the ante in leveraging its AI technology to better compete with Amazon’s marketplace and popular AI voice technology, Alexa.

Josh Brisco says,

“I think it is too early to tell how these features will affect click advertising, but it will definitely be interesting to see what other applications Google develops in the way of AI-assisted copy writing. My guess would be this rolls out next to responsive display ads, but time will tell.”

Google’s development of AI-powered tools means brands will have more opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence for targeting and ad management.

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