Google Confirms Mid-April Update to Broad Core Search Algorithm

By Tinuiti Team

On Friday, April 20th, Google confirmed a broad core algorithm update had been released earlier in the week via the SearchLiaison Twitter account.

Google SearchLiason Tweet
snapshot of tweet

How was the Google Algorithm Updated?

According to the announcement, this update was part of Google’s continued improvements to the base algorithm which routinely happens several times a year. This broad update, not to be confused with “specific improvements” which Google’s Danny Sullivan has said happens nearly daily, aims to benefit pages that were previously being under-rewarded. In typical Google fashion, no specific details about the update were released, but we can leverage chatter from around the web to understand the update’s impact.

Reviewing MozCast’s weather report, showing the turbulence or volatility in Google’s algorithm, indicates continued impact in the days following the broad core update. Search Engine Roundtable has gathered recent conversations from WebmasterWorld forums on the lasting fluctuations, both positive and negative. This shows us that this algorithm update is not quite finished yet and it’s still imperative that webmasters monitor their site performance to immediately address any changes.

mozcast table
MozCast Recording Increased Volatility Following Algorithm Update

How does this affect your SEO Campaign?

It seems we’re past the days of extreme algorithm fluctuations like Penguin and Panda, and now into fine refinements of the core algorithm. Google’s own announcement says that “there is no “fix” for pages that may perform less well” and to “remain focused on building great content”. So, how should you adjust your SEO tactics to align with this most recent update?

At the end of the day, SEO professionals are becoming acclimated to algorithm updates both large and small. Implementing a white-hat, best practice SEO campaign is the best course of action for any site to produce results and reduce the potential risk of negative movement due to broad core algorithm updates.

Maintaining a good relationship with partners like Google helps us not only stay on top of updates, but also helps us understand what they are looking for in a website. Read our case study, Quick SEO Action Removes Google Penalty for Backlinking, to learn how this knowledge helped one client swiftly remove a penalty.

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