Google Testing Product Carousel for Search

By Tinuiti Team

Google has been leveraging its Carousel and knowledge graph for some time to allow searchers to get access to more information within search- without the need to click out to external pages. Today, our search team spotted a continuation of Google search test for Product Ads within the Knowledge Graph Carousel.

Originally spotted by Search Engine Roundtable, Google has extended its test with products ads in its search Knowlege Graph.

Google Testing Product Ads in Search Carousel

Take for example, this simple search for a vacuum (carousel highlight added):

Google Shopping products in Carousel

On pages where Google isn’t testing product in its Knowlege Graph, the same search results appear quite differently:

Google Shopping Knowledge Graph test

The majority of this search page is populated by the product carousel, which like the traditional carousel can be filtered and allows searchers to scroll within the carousel on the search page:

Google Shopping products in Carousel

Similarly, Google’s Product Carousel mimic’s the traditional carousel in that when a product is clicked, that product information is populated in the knowledge graph in search:

Google Shopping Product Carousel

Keep in mind Google’s general product search results

Google’s Product Carousel for Online Retailers

Google hasn’t gone public with this test, and product Carousel results seem to appear only for particular searches.  However, if Google is testing the search page element it’s important to consider its ramifications for online retailers.

For sellers on Google, product ads within the Google Carousel could be a great opportunity to increase exposure and conversions on Google, in addition to:

More Exposure

Retailers whose products appear in the Product Carousel get top of the line exposure for generic search terms, as in the example above. Google advertisers on the Carousel not only heavily penetrate Google search, they also have products available under the web tab for search:

Google Shopping Product Carousel

As well as the Shopping tab: 

Google PLAs in Search Carousel

Create Intent

With Google Shopping Products in the search Carousel, advertisers would be able to create intent based off of search terms.

Reduce Click Spend

A Product Carousel on Google search pages also creates a semi-barrier between product intent and clicks-increasing the qualification of the user. Searchers have more information on Google SERPs before they click out- which decreases the likelihood of them clicking out to a product they aren’t interested in, saving them time- and you money.

For example person clicking on a specific vacuum THEN clicking to your site is higher qualified than someone who goes to your site after a generic “vacuum” search.

Google  Product Ads Carousel Future

Product Ads within the Knowledge Graph on Google search is essentially switching out Wikipedia sourced results with paid shopping results. For Google’s ad space this means more room on search in addition to shopping, and the potential for much more revenue.

Google’s Product Carousel test extension was only spotted this morning, and search results vary by user. However Google’s Product ad test in the Carousel has interesting implications for the future of Google search, and poses promising opportunities for Google sellers. With more space on search, Product Ad within search would boost Google’s ad revenue- which means we’ll be seeing more of these tests in the future.


Would you welcome a Product Carousel on Google Search?

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