Engine News: Google Tests Instant Product Listing Results

By Tinuiti Team

This is new. This is cool. This could change a lot.

This is a rare sighting of new Google tests for its rapidly growing and lucrative Product Listing Ads program.


Unfortunately we have not been able to replicate this. One of our fellow CPC’ers, Albert Tu, stumbled upon this when searching in normal Google (NOT Google Shopping). As you can see, searching for a product in normal Google not only yields Product Listing results in the instant “suggested” results drop-down menu, but these results also have images associated with them.

And we all know how images affect click-through rates. These instant Product Listing image results seem to be a sleeker iteration of Yahoo’s Rich Search Assist from back in the day.

Actually clicking through on these Instant Product Listing Results takes you to the Google Shopping comparison page (below). This is just more evidence that Google is whipping out all the bells and whistles for its prized shopping engine.


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