Google Testing New Indexation SERP Layout for Site: Search Operator

By Tinuiti Team

Yesterday as I was conducting my daily indexation checks for my clients using the site: search operator I noticed that Google is testing a new SERP layout. The site: search operator allows you to get results specific for certain sites or domains. For example, if you were to search Google will provide you will only results from and the number of pages that are approximately indexed.

What the normal SERP result looks like for the site: search operator

SERP Layout 1
As you can see above Google highlighted that approximately 224 pages for the site is indexed.

Here is what the new version looks like

SERP Layout 2

Here is another example of the new look and feel.

SERP Layout 3
As you can see Google made the following updates:

The look and feel is definitely better and this is something Google has been testing for a while, however the removal of the approximate indexation count is disappointing. Site indexation can always be monitored and checked in Google Search Console if you have it setup for your site but the site: search operator is great for a quick glance at your sites indexation, prospective clients and your competitors. Let’s hope Google does not move ahead with this update as it will definitely make life a bit more difficult for Digital Marketers.

If you’re looking to replicate the results I came across here are the details about my search:


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