Google Trusted Stores Open to Qualifying Merchants

By Tinuiti Team

Google announced today that all qualifying merchants are now able to use the Google Trusted Stores program.

The Google Trusted Stores program, which Google has been testing with 50 online merchants since last fall has exceeded Google’s expectations, generating “more than 10 million orders” Google reports.

The free Google Trusted Stores badge is designed to give shoppers an idea of the quality of merchant they are purchasing from, without needing to have any familarity with the seller.

Each merchant with a Google Trusted Store badge has a letter grade which summarizes the user experience with shipping and service.

Although the Google Trusted Store Badge can only be used on store websites currently, Google noted it will be appearing on “ ads and in Google Shopping results” shortly.

For merchants, this is an opportunity to generate sales from new shoppers, and highlight special features such as shipping or customer service. Retailers who are providing excellent customer service will be able to stand out even more, extra exposure which Google is providing for free.

If you meet the Google Trusted Store Merchant Guidelines (see below), you can sign up for Google Trusted Stores here.


Google Trusted Stores merchant qualifications
Google Trusted Stores Performance Standards


With the upcoming changes to Google Shopping looming in the fall, this is an opportunity for merchants to boost conversions.

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