Google Universal Analytics: New Reports and Device Paths

By Tinuiti Team

Google has told us about the power of Universal Analytics and how much this system is going to help the marketers of the world with their most daunting problem: attribution across devices. For those who have not heard of universal analytics, it’s basically Google Analytics 2.0. Universal Analytics including all of the features in Google Analytics, but now also allows marketers to easily see a user’s path and actions across multiple devices. Google has given us a sneak peak at some of the new reports and features that will be offered with Universal Analytics. These reports are based on Universal Analytics’ new User ID pixel (when a user is signed into Google and can be tracked across devices) vs. the current Client ID pixel. Here is a summary of the new reports that will be offered:

New Reports in Universal Analytics

1.     Device Overlap Report

2.     Acquisition Source Report

3.     Device Paths

Universal Analytics is currently in beta testing, but can be implemented on your site right now. Google recommends using the new Universal Analytics tracking alongside your current analytics code to maintain continuity in your account. If you are interested in setting up Universal Analytics on your site visit: for more details. Look out for documentation from Google in the coming months on how to migrate your existing Google Analytics account to Universal Analytics. Also, visit Elite SEM’s Elite Insider blog for industry news and company updates.

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