Google Universal Analytics Out of Beta

By Tinuiti Team

Google Universal AnalyticsThis week Google announced that Google Universal Analytics is now available to all Google advertisers.

Google’s Universal Analytics program has been available to beta advertisers since October, and is designed to address changing user and advertiser needs online such as mobile and cross device use.

Below are some of the major features of Universal Analytics and how they impact Online Retailers.

Universal Analytics New Tools

Google’s Universal Analytics provides advertisers with new tools including:

Other updates include faster time zone processing, and 2 added fields to the User Agent IP/ Override. Goolge also noted its User ID feature will be rolling out to allow advertisers to track data from multiple devices and sessions with unique IDs.

Part of the change incorporated renaming New Visitors which makes the  distinction more clear:

Visits –> Sessions and  New Visitors –> New users: 

Universal Anlaytics New Users

Learn more about how you can set up Universal Analytics here, or use the Universal Analytics Upgrade Center.

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