Google Updates its Zeitgeist Page with Top Google Shopping Searches of 2012

By Tinuiti Team


Google just updated its Zeitgeist website for the 12th year in a row. The website features 838 lists of top searches, people, events, and even trending hashtags from 55 different countries

This year, Google added some new features like an interactive map that segments top searches and events by region. Check it out:

They also created a Google Zeitgeist App for Android.

One of the more relevant lists for ecommerce merchants is the top 2012 product searches from Google Shopping. Google has been very busy this year in the ecommerce world. Google Catalogs, Google Trends, Google Places, Google Wallet are all services that help consumers find popular products and connect them with businesses on and off the web

Yesterday, Google released a list of the most searched for consumer products in electronics, toys, home goods, and men and women’s apparel.


1. The number one spot belongs to the Roku 2 XD. Google says searches for the Roku 2 XD have peaked during this holiday season

Product Image






2. Next is the Google Nexus 7 which launched in June of this year. Since then, searches for the tablet have gone up 21%

Product Image


3. The Sony Nex 5R is the most searched for digital camera. Since the launch of Google Shopping in October, searches for the Nex 5R have skyrocketed up 76%

Product Image


4. Amazon’s tablet, the Kindle Fire HD has the 4th spot on Google’s list. Again, since Google Shopping started in full effect during October, searches for the Kindle Fire HD have gone up 68%

Product Image


5. Samsung’s Galaxy SIII smartphone searches have gone up by 44% in the past year

Product Image



1. Return of the Furby! Furby is back just in time for the holidays and searches for the toy have gone up 88% in the past year


2. Skylanders: Giants has the second spot in the top searched for toys. It’s a video game that comes with action figures representing the characters in the game. Searches for this game have risen 92% since September

Product Image


3. Searches for the Nabi 2, a toy-tablet designed to withstand the wear and tear of rambunctious children, have gone up a whopping 92% over the past month

Product Image


4. Vtech Innotab 2, a tablet designed for children ages 3-9, searches have doubled since the launch of Google Shopping

Product Image



1. The Nespresso Pixie, which can make an expresso in under 60 seconds, has been searched for 36% more in November compared to October

Product Image
2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer searches have been up the past two years compared to prior years by up to 60%

Product Image
3. Searches for the Roomba 780, the robot vacuum cleaner, have gone up 87% since it was released in December of 2011

Product Image
4. The Cake Pop Maker, which can make tiny doughnut hole shaped treats, has increased its popularity in searches by 70%.

Product Image



Google Catalogs is a great place where consumers can browse through trending products and apparel.  Google listed the apparel below as “apparel fashion trends that are gaining traction.”  If you’re an internet retailer and would like to post your products on Google Catalogs, you can do so here.


Women’s Apparel

1. Puffer Jackets searches have increased by 32% compared to November of 2011

2. Fair Isle Knits searches are up 20% compared to last year and still rising

3. The color Oxblood has reached an all-time high during this season since 2004.

4. Ankle Boots have increased by 20% since last year


Men’s Apparel

1. Chelsea Boots searches have reached an all-time high and continue to grow

2. Toggle Coats are 35% more popular than last year

3. Cable Knit Sweaters have also reached an all-time high


What interesting trends did you see this year?  Let us know in the comments.  

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