Harnessing the Power of Dynamic Search Ads

By Tinuiti Team

For some clients, keyword creation is a cinch! Couple products, some keyword variation and “Boom”, you’re done. For other clients with hundreds if not thousands of products, keyword builds can get out of control. Google’s release of Dynamic Search Ads make keyword coverage and expansion easier.

Dynamic Search Ads scan your website and decide when searches are relevant to your site. If so, your ad will appear. Set up is easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Nothing can replace an in-depth keyword build, but this gets pretty close
  2. Budgets Go Fast: keep a close eye on the campaign; you may see it hitting its daily budget early in the morning.
  3. Page Exclusion is Key: Not all your site pages are directly correlated with the products you’re selling. Make sure to exclude pages that are irrelevant to your end goal. i.e. – the “Contact Us” page as well as “About Us” pages.
  4. Add Negatives: Just as negatives keyword are important to the standard search campaign, same goes for Dynamic Search Ad campaigns. Add negatives to eliminate irrelevant queries and spend.
  5. Converting Keywords: While you are in that SQR report, take a look at your top converting keywords. This will give you a great idea of potential areas to expand.  If category XYZ has an ROAS through the roof, perhaps it’s a worthwhile time investment to do an in-depth keyword build so you can bid more aggressively and efficiently.
  6. Create Different Ad Group Targets: By default, your ad group will target All Pages. Take this a step farther by creating ad groups to target specific categories, URLs or page titles. This segmentation will give you improved bid efficiency. For example: If you were selling clothing, you would have an “All pages” ad groups, a “Category=Women” ad group, a “Category = Men” ad group and so on.
  7. Add Sitelinks: Just like regular search campaigns, sitelinks look great to Google and customers.

Dynamic Search Ads can seem unruly and wild, but with these tips you’ll be able to use them to your advantage.

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