How to Get the Most out of Non-Branded Keywords in 2015

By Tinuiti Team

Most online merchants believe that a branded query is more valuable to them than a non-branded query. Branded queries tend to convert at much higher rates and at a lower cost-per-conversion than non-branded. However, converting the person who gets to a merchant through a non-branded search may prove to be more valuable in the long run in terms of new customer acquisition and lifetime value.

So, what are the best ways of maximizing on non-branded keywords?

1. Top keywords in non-branded Campaigns

This may be the most obvious first step for those already bidding on non-branded terms. Take the time to sort through your keywords to find the top performers with your KPI goals in mind. Ensure that the top performing keywords are being bid on effectively to ensure ads will be ranked high on the page. Higher ad rank will lead to more site traffic, and in turn, more conversions.

2. Non-Branded RLSAs

Remarketing lists for search ads allow you to customize search campaigns for previous visitors of a website and to tailor bids to these visitors when they are searching on Google. Additionally, increasing bids by a percentage for people who have been to the site may be a great way to improve non-branded performance, as those customers show a higher purchase intent and are more likely to convert. You also have the option of bidding on keywords that you normally don’t bid on for people who have recently been to or converted on your site.

3. SQRs for DSA converting terms

Assuming your non-branded and RLSA campaigns are tapped out, Dynamic Search Ad campaigns are great for keyword discovery. Instead of using keywords, Google uses content from a merchant’s website to dynamically serve targeted ads. These dynamic targets range from the whole website domain to specific sections. When entering the auction, the rank of a dynamic ad is also based on a maximum cost-per-click bid that you specify when you set up targeting. If a search query matches an existing keyword in the account, the user will be served a keyword-based campaign ad. If the search query is broad or phrase match, a dynamic ad may show, especially if it ranks higher.

Conduct monthly search query reports in order to find which non-branded terms triggered ads and make sure that those terms are added into appropriate non-branded campaigns. Search query reports for converting non branded terms are a fantastic way to expand already exiting non-branded campaigns and non-branded RLSA campaigns. It’s important to remember to negate the added keywords from DSA campaigns before launch!

By implementing these strategies, you can make the most of any non-branded keywords you have already or are planning to launch in 2015. It’s a safe and great way to drive awareness to your brand and ensure you’re staying relevant in a crowded marketplace.

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