How Socializing on Google Plus Can Influence Your SEO Efforts

By Tinuiti Team

This is a guest post by social media and marketing specialist Tyler Tafelsky.

For almost any product-related keyword, the ecommerce SEO landscape is a highly-competitive playing field. The good news for most ecommerce retailers is that the rules of SEO are evolving and the playing field is being leveled.

The evolving standards of SEO emphasize socialization via Google Plus. In essence, the social activity that occurs on Google Plus can directly influence the search results of active users.

This is profoundly changing the best practices of organic SEO and search marketing. As a result, ecommerce retailers can adapt their strategy to better compete against big brands that currently dominate Google’s search results.

A New Form of Authority

The SEO evolution centers on Search plus Your World, Google’s effort to deliver personalized search results that reflect a user’s social engagements and activity. It’s a quality control measure by Google in an effort to deliver more relevant and better quality search results, all the while roping more users into its social media platform.

Before Google Plus, the success of an ecommerce SEO campaign greatly depended on website authority (both on-site and off-site.) This is why big brand retailers (with high authority websites) would own the search results for product keywords.

But now there’s a new form of authority that can transform the SEO efforts of ecommerce marketers. It is called social authority and it derives from the amount of followers a brand earns on Google Plus.

Google Plus Social Authority = Greater Google Search Visibility

The retailers that get on Google Plus sooner than their competitors can earn a momentous SEO advantage. Because this social media platform is still in its early stages, the brands that begin building a loyal following now can earn greater authority for search later on.

The fact of the matter is, establishing more followers on Google Plus directly correlates to better visibility in Google search. Below I share a personal example of how this works.

In one of my Google Plus circles, I have an ecommerce retailer called “ProSwimwear” that sells all kinds of gear for swimming and triathlon. While searching Google to find “compression clothing,” I am shown a Google Plus post by ProSwimwear in #6 spot.

Because I am a follower of ProSwimwear’s Google Plus page, and because my keyword search was relevant to their post, Google displayed ProSwimwear’s post in my personalized search results (and with a very pronounced rich snippet image that stands out from the clutter!)

The SEO Takeaway

Search plus Your World will soon revolutionize the best practices of SEO. As businesses start to realize the amazing marketing potential of Google Plus, its growth will begin to accelerate and more consumers will start jumping on board.

The takeaway is this: the more people that follow your brand on Google Plus, the greater potential your social activity will be seen in your followers search results. In short, Google Plus is the ideal social platform to sustain top of mind awareness among your target market, all the while maximizing your search exposure.

This can be a powerful SEO tool to help your ecommerce store compete with the big brands. So be proactive, reach out, and start building your business’s Google Plus social authority now.

About the Author:

Tyler Tafelsky is a SEO and social media marketing specialists at Click Centric SEO, an ecommerce SEO and Internet marketing firm. Tyler offers over 5 years of experience in the SEO profession and works with clients on local and national level. You can connect with Tyler on Twitter or Googe Plus.

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