How to Take Advantage of AdWords Consumer Ratings Annotations

By Tinuiti Team

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Consumer Ratings Annotations


Consumer ratings annotations are a relatively new AdWords extension that features 1-10 ratings of key aspects of your website. Google pulls these ratings from Google Consumer Surveys, which would first compile hundreds of surveys (Google says the average is above 1000) before integrating ratings annotations with your ads. The annotations are free but Consumer Surveys are not.

The key benefits to consumer ratings annotations are that they potentially increase your ad real estate, provide the shopper with more (typically positive) information to influence a click, give you more insight into what your shoppers actually think of your store, and increase ad CTR (Google’s claim: CTR increases by 10% on average).

The “Selection”, “Service”, and “Website” areas that you see on Adidas’ ad above are picked by the Consumer Surveys program and are intended to show off only the highest rated aspects of your store. There are other aspects like Customer Service and Shipping that can be rated and that relate to the retail industry.

At the end of the day, consumer ratings annotations are not a particularly prevalent ad extension and if you’re a retailer who’s considering adding these, I’d make sure you have at least seller ratings annotations, call extensions, and sitelink extensions implemented with your ads before. However, the reality is that these these annotations don’t require much setup.

How to Add Consumer Ratings Annotations 

Like previous visit annotations, consumer ratings annotations is actually a no-setup-necessary AdWords extension.

The main action on behalf of the retailer required is to start running Google Consumer Surveys so that you can start compiling enough reviews for the ratings to show. Creating a survey (< will need a Google account) is actually pretty easy. Similarly, you can contact Google to express interest in adding consumer ratings annotations, and they’ll be of service to advise you when creating your survey with consumer ratings annotations in mind.

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