15 Keyword Tools for Paid Search Marketers

By Tinuiti Team

Below are 15 leading PPC tools to help you identify keywords for your Paid Search campaigns. (In no particular order)

15 Best Keyword Tools for PPC Marketers

Successful PPC campaigns are heavily influenced by the keywords you choose.

While there’s no exact science for picking and choosing these keywords, there are, fortunately, a number of handy tools and services that can help you hone in on the right ones.

Google Keyword Planner

This is the go-to tool for most PPC and SEO marketers. It lets you test out viable search terms, find alternative terms as they relate to your industry and services, and even get historical statistics on your keywords.

Google’s Keyword planner is free, and it’s a must if you’re going to be using AdWords, Google’s PPC advertising platform.

SEMRushPaid search keyword tool for AdWords

SEMRush is another competitive data tool that lets you access the paid and organic keywords of your competition.

Search by domain, or just find competing sites by your industry or services offered.


MOZ is one of the most popular keyword tools around.

It’s designed to help you hone in on the most profitable keywords for your site and to let you know when there’s room to swoop in and overtake your competitors.

MOZ gives you top 10 page rankings for every keyword, assigns each term a difficulty score, and serves up metrics that let you see when a competitor is wavering.

WordtrackerMoz keyword tool for PPC

This is a paid research tool, though you can try it for free for 7 days, risk-free.

Wordtracker allows PPC advertisers to search for target terms, with real-time stat updates for the most timely keyword data.


Ubersuggest uses Google Suggest to help you find alternative phrases and terms that your customers might be searching for.

Ubersuggest also offers you potential keywords for images, news, shopping and other vertical results.

SEO Book

SEO Book not only gives you info on search volumes and suggests related terms, it also gives you estimates on Google AdWords pricing, Google Trends, Google Suggest and more.

Additionally, use SEO Book to browse blog databases and social bookmarking sites to see what’s being said about your search terms on the web.

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery has a feature that most keyword gadgets don’t – a spelling mistake tool.

In addition to offering you synonyms and other suggested terms based on your current keywords, Keyword Discovery will also give you common spelling mistakes around those phrases, so you can capitalize on those less-than-savvy spellers’ searches.

You can also get data on seasonal search trends in your industry, and learn about density, volume and more.


SpyFu is a keyword research tool which highlights competitor budgets on AdWords: keyword research for PPC View ad budgets for select keywords and domains simultaneously across multiple competitors.

Keyword Spy

Keep an eye on your marketplace with this handy paid tool. It lets you track all the PPC campaigns of your competitors and other sites within your industry, giving you access to their keywords, ad copy and more.

You can also get ROI data for each keyword and get suggestions for powerful related terms and phrases.

Advanced Web Ranking

This research tool brings together data from all over the web – Google AdWords, Yahoo Related Keyword Search, Google Suggest, SEMRush, Wordtracker, Google Trends and more.

Advanced We Ranking helps you hone in on the perfect keywords for your site, and it even lets you know if your pages/URLs have been properly optimized for those terms once they’ve been chosen.

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a unique tool that doesn’t just give you stats about your keywords; it helps you visualize them.

Gather competitor keyword and ranking data, find out what people are asking and searching for in your industry, analyze on-site keyword trends, and see all that data visualized in easy-to-understand graph form.

Note: Keyword Eye features a free and paid version.


FreshKey gives you new keyword suggestions, synonyms and variations, and it sorts all your keywords based on their popularity and search volume.

Add any letter to the end of your keyword root, and you’ll see hundreds of potential options for your campaigns.

As an added bonus, FreshKey also gives you negative keywords, so you know which ones aren’t worth your time, and it suggests terms for Amazon.


Concerned about more than just your Google ranking? Then give Soovle a whirl.

Soovle gives you the best keywords for multiple search engines, including Google, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia and even eBay’s search tool. Type in your keyword ideas, and Soovle will auto-generate its own list of suggestions based on those.

Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool pulls keywords based on the autocomplete/suggested search functions of Google, YouTube, Bing and even the iTunes App Store.

Set up to 750 suggestions for every keyword entered, and the tool is completely free to use.

PPC keyword tool


While not exclusively a keyword tool, SimilarWeb gives you plenty of useful information for your PPC and SEO campaigns.

Enter in a competitor’s URL, and get data on their audience, traffic sources, and search engine traffic. You can drill down deeper and get ranking data for keywords, and use that to pick and choose your own keywords to focus on.

What’s your go-to keyword tool? Be sure to share them in the comments.

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