Landing Page Testing in Doubleclick

By Tinuiti Team

Clients big or small across all industries face the same fundamental question, where to direct traffic to? Advertisers have a slew of options to do landing page testing, either through vendors or by doing cumbersome manual changes and metric tracking, which can take months. Fortunately, Doubleclick has an inventive feature which allows users to split traffic between 2 or more landing pages at the keyword level. Setup time is minimal and you’re able to have full overview of all relevant decision making metrics in real time.

How to Setup Doubcleclick

To setup, login to Doubleclick and select an engine account, then go to the keywords tab. You’ll notice the “start landing page test” button as seen below, select the keywords that you want to apply the test to (you can use filters to simplify and get as granular as you need). Once you click start test, you’ll see a menu which allows you to name your test and select your landing pages, as well as what percentage you want to split the traffic.

After you set that up, that’s it! You’re live. You can check on performance by going to the “Landing Page Test” menu on the left hand side of Doubleclick. Through there, you’re able to view all currently live tests, select metric columns to view and compare, and end tests.

I’ve ran several landing page tests myself and the results and insights gained were invaluable. My client wanted to try playing around with the layout of landing pages, so we setup the normal “shop” page vs. a special one the client created which had a shorter click path to purchase. We saw overwhelming results for the new page after a testing period of only 3 weeks. Conversation rates more than doubled and bounce rate was halved. Overall time on site was lessened as well, but we attributed that to the fact that users had a more direct path to purchase. The test was so successful, the client decided to create the same style of landing page for multiple products and continue doing tests which we are currently in the midst of.

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