Bulk Location Targeting & Location Bid Adjustments in Google AdWords

By Tinuiti Team

In today’s world, it’s all about location, location, location! You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the wrong place, and neither do your SEM campaigns. Make sure you’re targeting the most optimal locations for your campaigns!

Google AdWords location targeting allows search engine marketers to either target, or to exclude specific geographic areas. Locations you can target are countries, cities, and postal codes. Google also allows you to target a specific radius around a place, address, or your location extensions. There is a quick and easy way to target multiple locations in the AdWords interface, without having to make these changes through AdWords Editor. Once you have determined which locations you’d like to target, follow the simple steps below.

Add or Exclude Locations in Bulk in AdWords

Follow these steps to easily adjust your location targeting in bulk.

Apply Locations to Other Campaigns

If you want to target or to exclude the same locations across many campaigns, use this quick trick to copy over location settings:


Implement Location Bid Adjustments

Optimize your campaigns by implementing bid adjustments by location. Increase bids on strong performing locations to increase conversions at a low cost per lead.  Avoid depleting your advertising budget on locations that don’t perform well by adding negative bid adjustments.

You can easily implement location bid adjustments in the Settings tab by clicking into the Locations Sub-Tab:

Please note that when you copy over locations from one campaign to others, the bid adjustment settings DO NOT copy over in AdWords. Only the locations will copy over! The best way to duplicate bid adjustments is in AdWords Editor.


Want to learn more about location targeting?

Now, you can even target locations by average household income within the United States. For more about location income targeting, check out SEM Expert Benjamin Arabov’s article on How To Target a Location by Average Household Income.


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