How New Dynamic Search Ads Will Impact the Future of Advertising – Video

By Tinuiti Team

New Dynamic Search Ads Features

The New Dynamic Search Ads use Google’s organic web-crawling technology to automatically target relevant search queries based on a retailer’s website content.

Dynamic Search Ads are useful for campaigns because they:

1) Help fill in the gaps in keyword campaigns for better return on investment (ROI) through incremental traffic.

2) Create an easy campaign-creation workflow that allows retailers to target ads to many queries.

When Google finds searches that are a match for Dynamic Ad targets, it generates the ad headline and landing page URL. This URL is linked to the most appropriate page from a retailer’s website. For the Dynamic Search Ads – categories are already pre-filled that match your site. Before, marketers use to build these out individually.

The headline is dynamically created from each matching phrase entered in Google Search, and from the title of the most relevant landing page used for the ad.

Dynamic Search Ads can have longer headlines than other search ads, which improves their visibility and marketers can control the description lines and display URL in the ads.

In the video below, Lewis Brannon, Paid Search Manager & Roman Fitch, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy explain:



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