New Targeting Options Available to AdWords Mobile Advertisers

By Tinuiti Team

Google AdWords has allowed businesses to reach potential consumers through mobile advertising for quite some time. They recently expanded this service offering with mobile targeted ad campaigns for businesses to specifically reach users of mobile phones, tablets, and wireless laptop computers, introducing two brand new AdWords advanced target campaign options for online advertisers – WiFi Targeting and Operating System (OS) Version Targeting.

What is WiFi Targeting?

Google has created WiFi Targeting advertising for businesses wanting to specifically target users on WiFi connections giving businesses a larger market for mobile advertising campaigns. If a business has high bandwidth content on its targeted campaign or landing page, WiFi Targeting can be exceptionally useful for running videos for potential customers to view. Success in using this service also requires a business to focus on all mobile carriers of WiFi connections.

What is OS Version Targeting?

Google already offers advertisers the ability to target mobile users through their OS platform, such as Android, iOS, or WebOS devices. With the new roll-out these targeting options are further enhanced, giving the mobile advertiser the ability to target specific platforms version such as iOS version 4.0 or Android 2.3 (Froyo).

Both of these new features add an additional layer of control allowing retailers to fine tune their campaigns and optimize for the unique experiences across devices and platforms. We look forward to hearing if and how these new options increase ROI for advertisers that take advantage of them.

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