Optimizing Retail Landing Pages For Conversational Search

By Tinuiti Team

Landing Page Optimization For Retailers

Sending traffic to product reviews & recommendation search queries

Last quarter, Google reported a 20 percent increase in conversational search terms for “reviews”, “best” and “top rated” products.

lewis-brannon“Now that Google is telling us this type of search volume is increasing and in general across the web people are using this conversational behavior, it’s important to optimize your landing pages,” Lewis Brannon, Paid Search Manager at CPC Strategy said.

In the video above, Brannon will explain why advertisers and retailers should leverage this specific type of search traffic to increase conversions.

He also shows an example of what a strong landing page based on “best sellers” & “reviews” should look like and highlights key elements including “call to action” to help boost conversion rates.

For more information on landing page optimization check out the video above or email [email protected]

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