Outlining AdWords' Latest Features

By Tinuiti Team

Consumers are relying on mobile-friendly web pages like never before – and they want you to keep up! The surge of a mobilized virtual world is happening right now, and it’s up to marketers like you to meet its demands. And Google is onboard to help.

Remember the Google Summit Performance back in May? Google announced a new version of AdWords that will help marketers succeed at optimizing mobile capacities. Well, the new AdWords rolled out in July for marketers all around the world. Now, let’s get to the really good news.

If you’ve been struggling with bringing to life your mobile advertising canvases, make way for Expanded Text Ads and responsive ads to help you get the job done better. Not to mention, device bid adjustments provide greater control and flexibility so you can make smarter changes for your search marketing campaigns.

We’ll dig deeper into these upgraded features.

Here’s the Deal With Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads have been upgraded to fit screens of the most popular smartphones. In addition, these ads feature two headlines, with each being 30 characters long. There’s also one long 80-character description line added. You get 50 percent more ad text to describe how awesome your products and services are.

Furthermore, longer headlines are favored by mobile users because they get more information about brands before clicking ads. It’s a better trust-building tactic. Therefore, it’s ideal for you to use these ads as soon as possible, especially for upcoming holiday seasons.

Brands such as Guitar Center and L’Oréal have come to realize that these ads are serving them well. For example, L’Oréal experienced CTR growth of 92 percent using ETAs. Imagine the exceptional search marketing outcomes they could yield for you.

Get More Out of Your ETAs

Here are some things to keep in mind for exercising the best ETA practices. Take full advantage of your character limit to say as much as you can about your products and services. The more you can say, the better your chances of generating leads and conversions from your search marketing.

Create high-quality, eye-catching headlines to draw consumers in. Remember that the title is what the eyes will see first, so make it stick out. Put in the effort to write compelling, authentic ad copy. Appeal to the needs and desires of your target audience in the most creative way. Add in more of the right keywords.

Make sure to test-run multiple versions of ETAs to discern how viewers respond to each one. Go for three to five per ad group.

Achieve Growth With Better Responsive Ads and Device Bid Adjustments

Google went further by building responsive ads that will adapt to the increasing variety of content types and screen sizes. Innovative features allow Google to design ads that attractively fit across two million apps and websites on the Google Display Network. These ads also unlock new inventory to create enticing ads that match the look and feel of websites that consumers visit.

As for device bid adjustments, they have been tweaked to manage a consolidated campaign with more efficiency. You have more control to set individual bid adjustments for each device type – mobile devices, computers, and tablets.

Access the updated best practices guide to evaluate your bidding strategy and set performance targets for optimal outcomes.

Are you impressed by these AdWords upgrades? They offer more room for creativity and control to expand your search marketing efforts. Compose more thoughtful messages for your ETAs, more adaptable ads, and better bid adjustments for specific devices. Want more good stuff to read? See Terminix Boosts Lead Generation by 65% with Targeted Paid Search.

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