Paid Search is Having a Huge 2016

By Tinuiti Team

Many noteworthy accomplishments have occurred with paid search during 2016. This appears to be something primarily realized through the mobile atmosphere. Paid search through consumer mobile usage has been dominating this year. Major companies like Google and Bing have become increasingly dedicated to generating revenue for shareholders. At the same time, they want to cultivate a better user experience based on portability.

Therefore, optimizing mobile usage came into greater focus. More specifically, they are paying closer attention to SEO trends and high-quality content that can be conveniently accessed on mobile devices, including simultaneous functions. Important changes for desktop have been executed, too. Let’s take a deeper look at some eventful moments of paid search within the first half of 2016.

Google Text Ads, Maps, and More

Google announced they would remove text ads from the right rail on desktop in February. This will help them consolidate how they display advertising on all devices. Furthermore, this change influenced Google to expand text ads, the biggest change so far this year. Text ads will have to be rewritten by every advertiser in the near future. The main point of this is to inspire more creativity with the development of ad messages.

In April, Google began showing ads in the Local Finder, a page of Map results that users access for more locations. Google Maps has also been removed from being a Search Partner. Only ads with location extensions will show in Maps. Advertisers can choose to show ads in Maps without utilizing Search Partners.

New feed rules in the Google Merchant Center have been executed to assist marketers with improving their ecommerce marketing techniques, at the end of April. They can make custom labels, quick fixes, and more to upgrade product listing ads.

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

During mid-June, Microsoft declared their desire to purchase LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars. This announcement caught people off guard as they wondered how advertisers would be affected.

Lynne Kjolso, Microsoft’s general manager of global search sales and service, confirmed that discussions about advertising were occurring within their company, at SMX Advanced. But LinkedIn will continue as a separate business structure and direct those choices. In conclusion, it seems as though people are generally unsure about the direction LinkedIn is taking.

Significant growth in paid search is expected for the second half of this year.

Bing’s New Network and Ads Editor for Mac

Bing made a big change by stepping away from Yahoo to form its own network. This happened in February. This appears to be the result of a partnership termination regarding the Search Alliance, announced in April 2015 by both companies. They had a 10-year deal together, but only completed five years of it. Account management of ads is separated between both entities. But Bing still shows some ads on Yahoo search results.

In June, Bing initiated its Ads Editor for Mac. The beta version is available in the US. It will soon be available to all markets. This tool will allow all Mac users to manage multiple accounts simultaneously for better development of ads. Campaign data from multiple accounts can be downloaded together. Some cool features include the ability to drag-and-drop as well as copy-and-paste content across accounts.

Don’t you agree paid search is commanding more attention these days? As a result of these interesting milestones, you have more tools available to you for increasing conversion rate optimization. Google is especially devoted to enhancing how marketers and advertisers handle customer reach. For more knowledge about paid search, read our case study: Gilt City Increases PPC Clicks by 16% While Reducing CPA by 20%.

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