This Week in Retail Search 12/7/2014

By Tinuiti Team

Retail Search Weekly News Recap

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Search changes frequently. Google Shopping updated its algorithm 13 times in 2014, 3 times in October alone. Staying on top of search news and strategy is key for marketers who want to proactively manage Digital Marketing campaigns for the highest ROI. As a company with a thumb on the pulse of digital and search news, CPC Strategy puts together a weekly news recap to cover  Retail Search news on Google, Amazon, Mobile, and other leading verticals in one convenient article.

This is a condensed version of major ecommerce news for the week. For a more comprehensive overview, consider following multiple Search News channels. 

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Moz: Panda 4.1 Google Leaked Dos and Don’ts-Whiteboard Friday

After the latest Google Panda update, documents leaked from Google that gave us a little more clarity on how to stay in the search giant’s good graces.

The Moz team gives an analysis through their weekly Whiteboard Friday.

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Google Commerce: Shoppers Go Mobile Black Friday Weekend

The transition from brick-and-mortar to online shopping may have taken years to become common in every household, but the switch from desktop to mobile is going quickly. This Black Friday, shoppers around the country picked up their phones instead of heading to the store.

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Search Engine Land: Report: U.S. Mobile Search Spend Expected To Overtake Desktop Next Year

Search trends are showing that 2015 will be the year mobile searches overtake search from desktop computers. With a phone in every pocket, it is vital for online retailers to adapt to perform well in mobile search to stay up with consumer preferences.

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Retail Search

Retail Online Integration: 3 Cultural Shifts Molding The Retail Model of the Future

Consumer expectations for a shopping experience have changed over time, and new cultural shifts toward instant gratification and personalization give retailers a new opportunity to innovate to capture potential customers.

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Stay tuned for next week’s report on retail search!

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