This Week in Retail Search 12/14/2014

By Tinuiti Team

Retail Search Weekly News Recap

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Keeping your thumb on top of search news and strategy is pivotal for ecommerce sellers and agencies,particularly during the holiday season. Marketers who want to proactively manage Digital Marketing campaigns for the highest ROI need to understand and stay on top of search news.

To facilitate that process, CPC Strategy puts together a weekly news recap to cover  Retail Search news on Google, Amazon, Mobile, and other leading verticals in one convenient article.

Digital Marketing Newsretail-news

Search Engine Watch: Google to Leave Russia

Search giant Google has been grappling with laws across the European Union as of late, but recently fell victim to a new law in Russia, geographically the largest country in the world and home to 143 million people.

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Mobile News

AdWords: Drive Downloads and Re-Engagement For Your Mobile App

Google has released a new guide to best practices for mobile app developers and owners. The new checklists promote best practices to grow both your installs and app engagement.

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eCommerce News

Mashable: Let’s Make A Deal: Amazon Introduces Haggling For 150,000 Items

Ecommerce hub has introduced a new system to allow purchase price negotiations on items such as artwork and collectibles in one-on-one private negotiation messaging.

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Retail News

Retail Online Integration: Retailers to Find Mobile Lump of Coal in Their Holiday Stockings

Retailers made a big effort to boost their online sales through mobile this holiday season, but efforts so far has lagged behind expectations.

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Amazon News

Q4 Holiday News

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