Will Google Kill AdWords Editor?

By Tinuiti Team

Last week, Google’s big AdWords Innovations announcement highlighting new, updated and upcoming AdWords features including App updates, reporting improvements and tools designed to help advertisers test ads within AdWords.

Google’s update included a Draft Mode and enhancements of bulk actions and edits directly within the AdWords UI. It seems making AdWords Editor compatible with the new Shopping campaign type is a low priority for Google.

When Enhanced campaigns rolled out, Google had an AdWords Editor update released within three weeks.

Two months out of Beta, advertisers are still very limited to what changes can be made within the AdWords Editor with these new campaign types. Which has CPCers theorizing the future demise of the AdWords Editor.

4 Signs Google Will Kill AdWords Editor

Here are some of Google’s latest updates some of which were part of the AdWords Innovations announcement that are pointing towards less emphasis on the AdWords Editor.

1. Undo Feature

AdWords Undo button is  an AdWords feature which allows advertisers to test changes and return to their initial campaign settings. This is a useful feature for AdWords testing, but  is not available in all accounts.

Moreover, with Google’s new Power Tools update enabling further testing and Analytics within AdWords this feature is now available within AdWords.

2. Bulk UploadsAdWords Editor to die

Google’s AdWords Innovations update included reporting improvements for Estimated Total Conversions, and Bulk uploads options. Bulk uploads are now available in the reports and upload section for AdWords which lets advertisers make changes within AdWords across campaigns and set campaign goals. Bulk editing was formerly a major perk of the AdWords Editor which Google covered in its AdWords Annotation update.

3. Draft Mode

Google introduced two upcoming Power Tools during AdWords Innovations. The first,Enhanced Reporting allows advertisers to look at live, multidimensional performance data within AdWords and dynamically change reports in real time.

The second feature Drafts & Experiments allows merchants to test ad changes before publishing them, and test ad groups against one another. Similar to the Undo Feature, Draft mode serves a utility that the AdWords Editor also does.

4. Actions Enhancements

Google AdWords also includes enhancements to actions such as  changing the campaign settings for multiple accounts.



Do you use AdWords Editor? Let me know in the comments.


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