This Week in Retail Search 11/9/2014

By Tinuiti Team

Retail Search Weekly Recap

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Every week CPC Strategy rounds up the leading Retail Search news on Google, Amazon, Mobile, and other leading verticals in one convenient article. What’s the lowdown in retail and ecommerce? Get the low-down below.

Below is the latest news in Ecommerce, Retail Search, Google, Amazon, Mobile, and Social that happened this week.

Digital Marketing News

Search Engine Land: Bing: It’s Unlikely That We’ll Take Search Share Away From Google

Microsoft’s answer to Google search was Bing, but its leadership team believes that they are fighting a losing battle against the search giant for market share.

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Mobile News

VentureBeat: Microsoft’s Office Updates Are Great News for Android And iOS, But Hurt Windows And Windows Phone

Microsoft has made mobile versions of its flagship office productivity suite free for Android and iOS phones and tablets, but that may erode the value of its own desktop and mobile Office products.

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eCommerce News

Mashable: Report: Americans to Spend $89 Million Online This Holiday Season

As shoppers continue to look to online stores over brick-and-mortar retailers, Americans are expected to spend a growing amount online on holiday gifts.

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Retail News

Moz: When Is A Blog The Right Form Of Content Marketing?

For retail stores and online businesses alike, online marketing is an important avenue for growing business. Sometimes paid advertising is best, but other times content marketing is the best route.

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Social Media News

Holiday News

Eight Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

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