Spotted: A 10th AdWords Extension Could Be on the Way

By Tinuiti Team

Update: Ginny Marvin of SearchEngineLand confirmed that these are tests for what Google is calling “smart annotations,” which automatically pulls information from an advertiser’s landing page.

This morning, CPC Strategy’s Director of Paid Search, David Weichel, spotted an interesting new ad extension that features the brands that an advertiser carries:


This “brands extension” is of course geared towards retail and would be a solid asset to have for very brand-focused retailers.

david-weichel-cpc-strategyDavid hypothesizes that this data may be from a test in beta, “It’s possible that they’re running this ad through a Dynamic Search campaign, which forces Google to crawl your site and scrape things like categories, brands, etc. This is complete speculation, and they could easily do that same thing without the campaign being the Dynamic Search type because Google already has a really good scraping functionality that determines landing page to keyword  to ad relevancy. The Dynamic Search campaign functionality is just a more pronounced version of what Google’s already been doing for years.”

This new feature looks to be a reiteration of another, more radical type of “brands extension” our own Román Fitch spotted a couple months ago:


Regardless of what format they land on, it’s clear that Google is continuing to improve its ability to interpret Retail Search Intent and match it with the most relevant product-oriented results.

For more info on different kinds of AdWords extensions, check out our Retailer’s Guide to AdWords Extensions.

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