Spring Cleaning & the Elite SEM Account Maintenance Checklist

By Tinuiti Team

It’s that time of year again—the weather is starting to warm up, the days are growing longer, and the groundhog saw his shadow. Spring is on its way, and we all know what that means: time for that ever-dreaded spring cleaning! This year, why not take this daunting task beyond the brushes and brooms, and dive in and tidy up your search engine marketing accounts?

One of the hardest parts of spring cleaning is deciding where to begin. There’s so much to do, and deciding what to tackle first and when can be a stressful task. Luckily, Elite SEM has created an action plan that will help you approach the job like a pro. Follow the task schedule below, and all your accounts will be squeaky clean in no time at all!

Elites Action Plan


  1. Check & analyze yesterday’s performance and compare to prior day & same day last week
  1. Update your daily budget tracker
  1. Campaign budget analysis & budget reallocation


  1. Send weekly reports & cross-reference data in report with data in the UI’s
  1. Manual bid optimizations
  1. Ad Group Analysis – Zero Order/High Spend, High CPA (Above Average), Low CPA/Low Rank
  1. Keyword Analysis – Zero Order/High Spend, High CPA (Above Average), Low CPA/Low Rank


  1. Check SQR for last 30 days for new & negative keywords
  1. Display-Only:  Review Automatic Placements


  1. Send Monthly Reporting: Cross Reference Data in Report with Data in UI’s
  1. Ad Text Analysis
  1. QA URL’s For Dead links, 404 Errors & Check That All Parameters Are Correct
  1. QA All Campaign Settings to Ensure They Have Not Changed
  1. Ad Group Level Audit to Identify Poor-Performers
  1. Check Main Competitors & Keep a Running List
  1. Check Conflicting Negatives
  1. SQR of Prior 90 Days for Keyword Expansion Purposes
  1. Campaign Impression Share Analysis (Keep Running Document)
  1. Call Discussion Point:  Upcoming Marketing Calendar
  1. Call Discussion Point:  Recent Tasks Completed & Results +Upcoming Tasks (New Features & Opportunities)


  1. Keyword-Level Audit to Identify Poor-Performing Keywords
  1. Talk To Search Engine Reps about New Opportunities & Recommendations
  1. Review Sitelinks to Ensure Relevancy to Season & Working Pages
  1. Send Quarterly Report
  1. Call Discussion Point:  Prepare for Seasonal Changes (create or activate campaigns/pause those not relevant to upcoming seasons)


So there you have it- Elite SEM’s version of your SEM spring cleaning.  Following all of our guidelines on a regular basis will ensure that your accounts are running successfully and will also show your client that you are as invested in their success as they are.

This article was written with the help of Shannon Greene

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